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#Bethsdriver here. I get a kick out of telling people “You know I really don’t like to travel.” I never have. But I always then follow up with “But I really like going places with Beth.” #Explorerbeth (too long to type so EB from now on) has always had her explorer heart. Travel and exploring has been a continuous passion since I have known her (married 43 years today!). So when it came time to think about retirement going on the road seemed a logical next step.

We have been on the road now about 21 months (643 days but EB likes months better). In that time we have seen and done a lot. We have taken over 36,000 pictures. I have gone through and looked at some of my favorite subject, EB. Me taking pictures of her taking pictures is a favorite pastime. So, I am going to post a few and hopefully they will be entertaining.

Her passion for this life we are living now is a delight. We both feel very fortunate to able to do what we are doing. Beth loves exploring and I love Exploring With Beth.

I’ll just put a few in no particular order. Can’t do too many because I constantly hound her to keep the articles short. But there may be more (You see the title is EB 1, to be followed by 2,3 and who knows?).

Banding humming birds in Arizona
On the Blue Riidge in Virginia
Well, Texas of course!
The desert
Sunsets,. one of her favorites
Waterfalls, another favorite
Saguaros, a favorite among favorites
Any danger for a good shot
My favorite. Frantically deleting pictures on her full phone to make room for the next.

I hope these have been fun. There are a lot more, I stopped at 100 in my album. Maybe I’ll post a few more from time to time.

We appreciate all you who take the time to check out the blog. EB puts a lot of effort, and really enjoys putting it out.

I have to hurry and get this out because she says she has one about ready to go and I can’t get in her way. Bye.

15 thoughts on “EB 1”

  1. Glad to hear from you Mark. It’s been a while and I had been thinking about you. As I wrote to Beth, love.the posts. Love learning about the off the normal paths you two explore

    1. Thanks Bonnie for your nice comment and ongoing support! I appreciate that you like learning about the “off the normal paths.” I hope this finds you well and enjoying all your exciting travels abroad!

  2. Happy Anniversary ! I remember the first time I met Beth, she was by herself because she said her husband didn’t like to travel ! Glad you are both enjoying your retirement so much.

    1. Thanks Anette, good to hear from you! Yes, I am trying to get Mark to appreciate travel more, ha, ha. Actually he loves the lifestyle of traveling around, just not seeing all the different places I find along the way. I hope you are having good travels too!

  3. This is such a sweet post! I really enjoyed reading it! And Happy Anniversary!! Love the pictures!

    1. Thanks Anacani for your nice comment and for following us on our journey! Hope you are feeling well!

    1. So nice to hear from you Kathleen! Hope this finds you well and glad you are still following the blog!

    1. Thanks Ilona for such nice comments! Yes, the weather is not leading me to think we are headed for summer! I am hoping it will stop raining one of these days as I am sure you are also!

  4. I really enjoy all your posts! Keep on keeping on! Maybe one day I’ll get to cruise the southern states…from a neighbor in Canada eh!

  5. Never have I met someone with the joy and enthusiasm for life and the world around us like Bassy Googles. Emma and I always say on the days we are feeling fatigued or disinterested, we wish we had more Bassy G in us! Truly a gem of a person. And I’m so glad to know that you’ve seen so much of the world with her! I don’t know anyone who has done the traveling, exploring and experiencing like you too! Amazing, so proud of you both

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