Family time.

It took about 5 hours to get from Moss Landing to Chico and what a world of difference it made.  Going from 60 coastal degrees to 106 in the valley was a shocker.  Beth’s folks live in Chico and we took a few days to stop by and visit.  Above is a shot of Beth, Bob and Judy at the Sierra Nevada Brewery,  We had a great dinner there one evening.

It was really nice getting to visit several days as past visits have often been around holidays which means shorter stays with lots of other family around.  This time seemed more relaxed. We had some fun conversations and watched a couple of Giants games in the process.

On Wednesday we went by the local food locker were Bob and Judy have volunteered their time for many years.  We have heard about it before and it was great to see the place in operation.  It was also very nice to get to meet some of their fellow volunteers, one of whom was 94 years old!  I can’t believe I didn’t get any pictures!

We have several days now here in Plymouth.  We are planning to work on trailer organization and continue with family visits.  Our daughter and her family live in Elk Grove and we are headed that way tomorrow and Thursday.  I’ll try and put up a picture or two.

The park we are staying at is nice.  We have stayed here before.  Wow is it full and busy!  I love looking down the street at the line of trucks.  There are lots of people but it has a friendly, family, celebration kind of atmosphere.  It is really hot but it has been a good test of the trailer.  It has stayed cool inside and was 69 inside this morning.  It is also kind of novel having the place as cool as we want and not thinking about the electric bill!  Our last one from Modesto was about $450.

Another fun thing we did today was to start some trip planning.  Once we finish up our family time we are headed to Rapid City, South Dakota.  Early plans put us there in about two weeks.

Well, this is probably more than enough for now.  As always, thanks for reading.

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  1. That is a great shot with Grandpa and Grandma! So nice that you get to spend a few weeks with family before you are on your way!

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