Why a blog? #3 – For others

In thinking about this topic over the last few days it is larger than I originally conceived.  It also brought home this is much harder than I thought it would be.  I hope I can make some sense of the topic for anyone who might read.  Three things I will say (I love 3.  3 things always seems best to me.)

First, while thinking about and planning our new life of exploration blogs, forums, vlogs, etc. have been really helpful to us.  There are lots and lots of all these out there and we have read/watched many.  In almost all there have been little bits of information that have helped us in our journey to this point and so as kind of a way to “give back.” I hope someone somewhere might be helped by this blog.  A number of people mentioned this in their blogs/vlogs and so I hope we can keep the chain going.

Second, there is hope!  As we move to retirement people often ask about out plans.  Many times people get kind of excited at the idea of taking off to explore.  I can recall a number of times in my working I would see someone retire and walk away and be encouraged that it does happen and that someday it might be my turn.  I hope in sharing our journey with others they might take hope they also will have a chance.  A time will come when they can more fully pursue their dream, whatever it might be.

Lastly, helping others is what Beth is about.  Beth works at a very difficult job in a very difficult place.  She works hard and has done so for 27 years.  Her attitude as she is facing the reality of leaving is amazing to me.  She has come home after very difficult days lately and her concern is that soon she will not be able to go in and help those around her do their jobs.  She is sad that soon she won’t be there to help.  She is not relieved she is getting out, she is sad she won’t be there to help.  How cool is that?  But that is Beth.  Whatever may come of this, if there is a way to help others we will try it.

So, I think that touches on a few things we hope may come from the blog that may help others.  I think it sort of ties in with #4 Kindness so I can go on a little more next time.  Hope this has made a little sense.  Thanks for looking.

The pictures.  I think every post is better with pictures.  The top picture is some Sandhill Cranes in flight from our last trip.  Below is another of my “Beth taking a Picture”.  This is one of her taking a picture of me taking a picture of her taking a picture of me taking a picture of…well, you get it.

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