We interrupt this program…

#bethsdriver here. Just want to take a second to let you all know there has been an emergency that will affect the blog. We were in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula when there was a family medical emergency in California. We traveled 5 long days and are now in CA with the family. The emergency has been resolved but there will be some recovery and follow up issues. #explorerbeth has lots more to write about and will probably be back at it soon. As she has put out things like clock work I wanted to explain the hitch. Thanks so much for all of you who have been following and stay tuned as there will be more to come.

8 thoughts on “We interrupt this program…”

    1. Thanks so much for commenting Anacani! We appreciate your interest and are doing well at this time. Hope the same for you and your family!

  1. I was wondering what happened with no blogs being posted for so long. So sorry to hear the cause for that, and hope everything works out well.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Anette! All is going well at this time, we will be hanging out in California for awhile longer. Hope this finds you well!

  2. Mark,

    Very sorry to hear of this situation. We have been reading each post and enjoying them. Our very best to you both.



    1. Thanks Michael, so nice to hear from you! We appreciate you reading and also commenting. Hope this finds you both doing well!

  3. So sorry to hear there was emergency!!
    Hope all will be well soon. Thoughts and prayers are with you all.
    Let me know if I can help out.

    1. Great to hear from you Arlene and thanks so much for your concern and offers to help. We will be hanging out in Chico for a little while. Hope this finds you well!

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