In the flight path

#bethsdriver here. The park we are staying at right now, and I think our space in particular is right in the flight path of both the local international airport and an Air Force base. We came to Tucson to visit and give a little more time for the Midwest to thaw out before heading that way. We were soon introduced to a constant stream of aircraft overhead. They are noisy, especially the military aircraft, but it is kind of a generic, almost pleasant noise.

I can almost hear the air-traffic controller…”That’s affirmative niner-one, just line up on that smaller travel trailer with the red truck next to it and bring it in straight and low.” What is interesting is that these Air Force planes (or more likely their grandfathers) actually played a big part in my life.

My father was stationed here at Davis-Monthan Air Base as a young man back in the 50’s. He got out and settled back in West Virginia. I have an older brother who had terrible asthma when he was younger and doctors told my parents that he would not survive unless they could get him to a better climate. My parents packed us up and moved back to Tucson as they were familiar with the area and the climate was favorable.

Is that a bomb?

So rather than growing up a proper hillbilly I grew up in the desert. I lived here until I was 19 years old and joined the army, right about the same time a young lady left her home in Southern California to join up. It didn’t take me long to realize what I had, so I snatched her up and have been driving her ever since.

Do we really need the name?

Some things are familiar, but Tucson has changed a lot since I left. We are staying in a “mega park” which is also interesting. I’m sure #explorerbeth will have more to say about that later on.

The planes really made me think about how events in our lives evolve. I think about how much different my life could have been if not for the planes. It also made me think about how glad I am it wasn’t!

I hope to pitch in and do an article or two in the future, and we are still working to learn videoing so you can see a little more of Beth. We set up a YouTube channel and actually have a short test piece posted. If you google expwithb FirstCut you can see it. It is pretty rough as I have a lot to learn.

So thanks again for reading! We have a little more time here in Tucson before we hit the road and head north. It would be great if you follow along with us.

2 thoughts on “In the flight path”

  1. Thanks, Mark. We enjoyed reading about your young life. We are happy you & Beth are doing so well in your travels.

  2. I always liked the atmosphere planes add to a cityscape, unless its shaking me from sleep. Amazing to look back at life to see the path it takes you and see places from your past. Looking forward to more about Tucson

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