From Sea to Shining Sea – 6 Months

After selling our house and moving into our trailer on August 25 last year, our first stay was at an RV park in Mosslanding, California on the Pacific Coast.  This had always been one of our favorite places to visit and once we had an RV, it became a favorite place to camp as well.  We loved being right next to the harbor and marina with a short walk to the beach.  We heard seals barking throughout the day and night and sea otters hang out at a little inlet next to the park.  A few times I have done whale watching trips that left from the harbor just steps away.   And down the road is perhaps our favorite seafood restaurant, “Phil’s” with the best Cioppino I have eaten.  So it was fitting that we begin our journey here before heading on our adventures to the  east.  Below is a picture of me in the town of Pacific Grove during a day trip from Mosslanding.  It was a grey, foggy day on the Pacific!

As I write this, a few weeks ago we reached the Atlantic Coast in St. Augustine, Florida and have traveled as far to the east as we can go.  So, when I was thinking of a title for this blog, the first thing that came to mind was “sea to shining sea.”  (Mark also added, “with the Gulf of Mexico in between.”)  We also reached another milestone on February 25 – six months of full time RV living.  We have traveled in 12 different states (including California) and stayed in 29 different RV parks.  It has been a great adventure and a wonderful learning experience!  Below is a picture of the Atlantic across the road from our RV park in St. Augustine.

Just like Mosslanding on the Pacific was so special, I have found our park and the city of St. Augustine on the Atlantic to be very special as well.  I plan to write more about our stay here in a future blog, but so far this has been my favorite spot since leaving California.

And now, I would like to discuss the direction of the blogs.  Mark and I would like the blogs to be more current, since I have always been behind this past six months and unable to catch up.  I plan to start making them more up to date now which will mean not writing about all our Florida adventures right away.  The thought is to write about our current adventures and intersperse some of our past travels in Florida from time to time as well.  In addition, I plan to select just a few highlights from each area that we travel through and write shorter blogs in the process.  I believe by making these changes that the blogs will become more manageable and readers will finally have a more real time idea of where we have been and what we are doing.  The hope is the blogs will be easier to write and more interesting and you all will find them more enjoyable to read as well.

We are also working on upgrading our ability to work with photos.  It has been frustrating for me not to be able to crop, edit or make changes to the photos.  It has been a challenge but should be soon resolved.

We appreciate you following along these past six months and look forward to sharing more of our adventures as we enter into our next six months of traveling!

In my next post, I will be writing about our brief stay on Jekyll Island, Georgia.

10 thoughts on “From Sea to Shining Sea – 6 Months”

  1. Just keep them coming in any form or fashion ! So fun to travel vicariously with you both.

  2. Seeing the photo of the Atlantic Ocean has me reminiscing about my home in Atlantic City where I grew up. That was when there were the grand hotels before they were torn down for casinos. They should have been put on the National Registry as they were so magnificent. Now look what has happened!!
    So glad that you have reached the East Coast! What an opportunity traveling as you have been doing!!
    Safe travels,

    1. Thanks for your nice comment Arlene! Yes, I agree, it is so sad when historical buildings are torn down to make way for the new. I am all for preservation, but sadly making money often gets in the way.

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