3 months Louisiana and alligators

Three months on the road! Our house closed on August 25 and we set out.  We have seen a lot in our three months and are now finishing up two weeks in Lafayette, Louisiana with two more (at least) to go.  It was a beautiful day today and we headed out to a garden and got a look at our first live, wild alligators.

I tried to get her in close enough for an action shot, but no good.  She turned down the walk earlier also through the angry buffalo?  Low impact travel I guess.

She is typing away on another article and has lots and lots to share.  We are having lots of fun and are glad you are along with us! Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “3 months Louisiana and alligators”

  1. Hello John! Great to see you here. Actually we didn’t get too close and when some did walk up the alligators took to the water. They were very fast though. One second lounging on the shore then boom, out in the water swimming away. If they had come after the people that fast the gawkers wouldn’t have had a chance. Thanks again for the comment and we hope to hear from you often.

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