How’s it Going? Beth

Mark asked me to write on three different topics of our life so far as full time RVers:  1). First impressions of full time RVing; 2) How do I like traveling and 3) What are the challenges so far.  We are each going to cover these topics separately and it may be interesting to see how they compare.

1) Full time RVing has gone quite well with little problems.  I tend to be a worrier and want things to go smoothly.  I worry about finding a good place for us to stay and if the route we are traveling is the best one for us to take.   I worry if we are staying too short of a time or too long.   So far these things have not been an issue.  Every place we have stayed has been good and the places we have traveled have been interesting with plenty to do and see.  Full time RVing and carrying our house with us has given us the chance to “play” tourist almost every day, experience and learn new things.  I get to think each day about where I want to go next and what activities to do.   I marvel at this opportunity we have and don’t want to lose sight of that or take it for granted.  Living in a small trailer full time is working out even though we don’t have much space.  We have the things we need and do not go without.  As minimalists have found, you don’t need a lot of belongings in life, you can learn to do with less and be satisfied.

2). I love traveling and could happily go sightseeing every day!  At least at this point in time.  Although I don’t mind some down time and relaxing, my mind is usually filled with all the places we could be seeing or the activities available.  I knew before we left that I would really enjoy the traveling and exploring.  I was worried about leaving family, friends and my daily life behind which is the most difficult part of full time RVing.  I wish I didn’t have to be so far from those I care about!  I don’t seem to miss my home or think about it much.  It might be nice at times to sit on my comfortable couch and chair rather than a thin, rather hard RV cushion seat and back.  Being able to spread out my things and have storage space for everything would also be nice.  Having more kitchen counters and cupboards for cook ware and gadgets would also come in handy.  But I don’t think often of those things because the traveling is worth the inconveniences.  It will be interesting to see how I feel in several more months!

3). One of the challenges I face as we are on the road is deciding which places to see and which ones to pass up.  This is so difficult as I want to see almost everything!  I find I have to “let go” and realize that I cannot explore every where we go as we don’t stay long enough.  I have to make priorities of what would be the best for us with the time and energy we have.   I try to plan to see and do things that are unique, educational and will be interesting for Mark and I.  Mark and I are different in many ways – had to take this picture of him as he loves Diet Coke and I wouldn’t touch the stuff!

Mark and I have a different level of interest in traveling.  I want to see everything and sightsee every day and Mark doesn’t have the need to see everything and would probably not be disappointed to pass up many of the things we do stop to see.  Mark is often done looking at a point of interest before I am and then I feel bad that I am holding him up. Mark always tells me to take my time and that he is fine sitting, waiting and relaxing.  He says he enjoys the down time.  We are different in that I get excited about a new place I have seen and Mark gets excited about a new hobby or finding something for one of his hobbies at a store we come to in our travels.

Mark has a different schedule than I do.  He likes to sleep later and gets going slower.  I want to get going sooner although I am definitely not a morning person either.    Mark is happy to hang out more at the trailer than I am.   I could sightsee from morning to dark, trying to get everything in.  In spite of the challenges we are able to work it out.  I get to see lots of new places and Mark still gets to pursue his hobbies while on the road.  We try to be supportive of the other’s interests.  Mark does have an ongoing sense of humor!  He sent the picture below to family members via text and titled it “tempting.”  It was fortunate that day that he loved seeing the sights at this Civil War Battlefield.   No sitting on benches for him!

Thanks for reading this!  In my next post I will continue to write about our travel experiences while in Kansas.

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  1. That picture of dad in front of the coca cola sign is hilarious! I think a lot of couples can’t figure out how to travel together but you guys certainly have! Very fun

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