8 Weeks!

I’ll say it again…hard to believe!  Its been 8 weeks.  The picture above was taken in the Walmart parking lot in Modesto just minutes after we left the house.  We had been literally just stuffing things in the trailer to get out in time.  We drove over to Walmart to park and to at least make sure nothing was getting tossed around in the trailer.  We then drove to Santa Nella to spend the night and begin our explorations.

It has gone by fast. 8 weeks.  Over 3,000 miles pulling the trailer.  17 campsites.

It has been fun!  We both feel very lucky and blessed to have the chance to do this.  It has been great writing the blog (or watching Beth write).  Thanks to all who are following.

Adventure is out there and we are having great fun finding it!

One thought on “8 Weeks!”

  1. It is awesome that you get to do this!! I will have to say that I miss you. Especially miss Beth and our 10 k Walks and good fun together. Happy travels!

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