Tall Grass

I haven’t written anything for a while so I’ll put up a quick post.  Today we drove about an hour and a half to see some tall grass (prairie).  Seems a little extreme.  We had tall grass in Modesto.  We just took the lawn mower out and cut it every once in a while?  Beth will I’m sure have more to say on this so I’ll just share a few pictures.

This is what one of the grasses looks like.

And here are lots.  I guess there used to be thousands of acres of these grasses, but now they are almost gone except here in this area.

We took a nice walk through the preserve and took a lot of pictures.  There were interesting plants, flowers, birds, bugs, etc. etc.  There was even interesting weather and we got back to the truck just in time to miss a pretty good downpour.

Beth did her usual thing and ranged far and wide to explore and take pics.  I wound up taking a number of pictures of her taking pictures.  My favorite subject matter.

Tomorrow we are headed out again, this time to Independence, Missouri, right next to Kansas City.  We are going to stay there about a week.


Thanks for reading and the kind comments about the blog.  Glad a few people find it interesting.  We have a lot of fun sitting down in the evening to work on it.

Last pic here is my favorite of the day.



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