One Month!

A month on the road!  Another hard to believe but we passed one month on the road.  It has flown by.  During the month we stayed in 5 states and pulled the trailer about 2250 miles.  For our map we decided to only count states we spent at least one night and did some type of site seeing.  That means Utah didn’t make it as we stayed just west of it then drove through without staying the night.  For our mileage I only counted the miles pulling the trailer, not site seeing we did while camped in one spot.  We stayed in 12 different spots during the month.  Shortest stay was one night and the longest was six.  I didn’t keep the best records but we spent about $1250 on campgrounds and about $700 on gas.  Campgrounds was right at what I predicted and should go down a little as California campgrounds are pretty pricy.  Gas should also go down as gas is cheaper outside California and we will be driving less.  I love numbers and will probably throw some out when I can.  People are curious too about what living like this costs.

Our new home! As I mentioned one of the reasons we came to South Dakota was to set up a new residency and this is it.  Not too fancy but should serve our purpose.  Our physical address is here and all our mail comes here.  It is then scanned and we can look it up on our phone and decide what to do with it.  You may not believe it but hundreds of people call that building home.

We also re-registered  the truck and trailer in South Dakota.  We took care of it in Rapid City and it went pretty smoothly.  We had everything done by noon.  We had a good time in Rapid City.  You can read about it in Beth’s post (if you have a couple hours).

So, from here on out it will be wherever Beth wants to explore.  I still have things to do for our mobile life getting all our affairs to move with us, but it is going well.  Transitioning to small living has not been bad.  Some interesting things we may talk about as time goes by but I am really glad we have taken this path.  Exploring with Beth is a lot of fun.

As we travel it becomes apparent quickly that all the USA is not California.  An example.  During our stay in Valentine, Nebraska I didn’t see a single other long hair.  From the looks I often got it seemed they had not seen one for a while either!  That and my Hawaiian shirts made me stick out pretty bad.  I think when people saw me and then the truck and SD plates they were probably sure I stole it!

Thanks a lot for reading and I hope this was a little helpful.

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