In the void!

A quick note.

We find ourselves in an electronic void. We are outside a tiny town called Interior, South Dakota with spotty or no telephone or internet.  We will be here a couple more days then hopefully to a place with connection.  Until then we wont be able to put much on.  Hang in there with us.


2 thoughts on “In the void!”

  1. In the void! That’s quite the experience! Didn’t think that existed in the Continental United States! Looking forward to next blog!

  2. The internet and phone connection has not always been kind to us on a few of our stays, especially when we are in the middle of nowhere. Most places have wifi and we have a “hot spot” which enables us to have internet coverage through our phones, but when the phones don’t have service and the wifi doesn’t work well due to location issues, we are out of luck. We have had to learn some patience and have different expectations as far as when we can use our devices!

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