Why Rapid City?

We finished up in Evanston and headed on to Casper for a few days.  The pic above is Beth coloring by the river in Casper after a hard day Exploring.  Even the hardiest Explorers need a little down time.  I’ll let her talk about the stay.

From Casper we drove on out of Wyoming and finally made it in to South Dakota and are staying in the small, but touristy town of Custer in the Black Hills just outside of Rapid City.

Why Rapid City?  I’ll explain a little.  I often see articles on the internet about the best places to retire.  California is not on that list.  California doesn’t show much love to retirees or retirees on the road.  There are other states that do things like not taxing retirement income to help retirees.  Some states also show some love for people on the move, like Explorer Beth and her driver.  There are three in particular, Texas, Florida, and South Dakota that full time retired travelers most choose.  Beth and I picked South Dakota.

South Dakota has very simple rules to become a resident.  We can go take care of it tomorrow after staying only one night in the state.  We will get South Dakota driver’s licenses and register the truck and trailer in the state.  We have also set up with a mail forwarding service that will handle all our mail.  South Dakota even releases you from jury duty if you are a traveling resident.  And of course not paying California tax will save us a lot of money.

There’s a little more to it, but in a nutshell that is why we headed here and will start our wandering from here in a few days.  From here it will really be where ever Explorer Beth wants to go.  Right now it looks like from the Black Hills we will move a little southeast to the Badlands.  From there probably south in to Nebraska.  Who knows?

I hope this helped a little with our saga.  Beth is busily typing away across the table so look for more from her soon!  I’ll sneak a pic.

Thanks for reading!

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