Driving – Explorers will explore

I had a post all ready last night and the computer ate it.  I’ll try again.

The last couple of days (Tue and Wed) have been driving days.  We drove about 600 miles.  A little over 300 miles one day then a little under the next.  We average about 50 miles an hour on a day with stops and so we are on the road about 6 hours.  With the time needed to pack up in the morning and set up when we arrive that makes a long enough day for me.  Two days in a row is also enough. This is retirement.

We left Sparks and soon crossed out of Nevada in to Utah.  We have passed through the salt flats several times but they are always interesting.  We faithfully stop at the Bonneville Salt Flats rest stop for a look.  Our poor trailer looks so small among its peers.  While at the stop…well Explorers will explore.

Beth was out there exploring, taking pics for a while so I’ll let her expand.  We drove through Utah with only a short stop for lunch and crossed into Wyoming.  We had just got unhooked and the Explorer wanted to head over to a state park right near our RV spot.  The park had some interesting wild life.  Beth wanted a close up of a bison.  I’m thinking she got her pic but again I’ll let her write about it.

The park had some nice walking trails around and across the Bear River.  It is a very pretty area and the clouds were spectacular.

Thursday we are going to look around Evanston and see the sights.  We will also head to Walmart to resupply.  Friday we plan to take a scenic route drive to Casper where we will spend about three days.

Thanks to everyone for reading and the nice comments!   I’m going to try and get this posted without it being eaten.

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  1. Lots of fun traveling along with you. Love the Posts ! Love seeing the Salt Flats. Can you imagine
    the 49ers traveling over that terrain !!

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