Headed East, Sparks Nevada

I know I keep saying this but hard to believe!  We are now out of California and headed east.  We stayed today in Sparks, Nevada, just east of Reno to rest a little and get ready to start toward Rapid City, South Dakota.  It will probably take 5 or 6 days to get there with a couple of short stops on the way.  More on why Rapid City later.

We had a lot of fun last week visiting with our daughter, son in law and grand kids.  We drove over from our spot in Plymouth a couple of times during the week, then all went camping for two days.  We stayed at a nice campground in Olema, CA near Point Reyes.

Pictured above is a hotly contested game of Boggle by lantern light.  Beth says she was the clear winner and I don’t doubt it with her vast knowledge of obscure, useless 3 letter words.  We also had a fun time of making artisan s’mores.  A favorite seemed to be the Reese’s Cup version, but salted chocolate was also popular.

Hiking was popular and this picture was taken on the Earth Quake Trail at the visitor center.  We also went to the Point Reyes Light House and Drake’s Beach.  The boys actually did the 308 steps down and back to the lighthouse!  I really wanted to do that also, but felt it was important that someone stay up top to take pictures of the event.  Sometimes we just have to make sacrifices.  Beth has lots of pictures of these so I’ll leave those for her.

It feels really strange to be doing this.  The reality will probably take a while to sink in.  I will have to get used to the different culture also.  At the Trader Joe’s the cashier thought I was a little off letting him know we would need bags.  In Nevada you don’t have to buy bags so everyone uses them.

Ok.  Enough.  We will be driving the next couple of days.  More culture shock there also.  Beth has a spot we may use tomorrow…$15.  We have been paying in the $60-75 range in CA.

Take care and as always thanks for reading!  Thanks also to everyone who has subscribed.  Beth likes to look at the count.  Double digits!!!

6 thoughts on “Headed East, Sparks Nevada”

  1. I love South Dakota… what a beautiful state! Wonder what the prairie looks like in fall. Cannot wait to see the pictures.

    1. Yes, it is a lovely state. Thanks to you we did a road trip there years ago and really enjoyed all the scenic beauty and history. Mark and I will probably visit some of the same places around Rapid City, Black Hills and Badlands area that you and I saw. Not sure how much east in South Dakota we will go; might cut down through Nebraska at some point. Remember how much we loved Nebraska? Ha, ha! Matt was just in Rapid City area and they really enjoyed their South Dakota visit. They also spent the night in Scott’s Bluff, another favorite of ours!

  2. Interested to hear about Olema. My little group of friends is planning to visit there. But not camping. Glad u are having fun!!

    1. Hello Arlene! Olema is just a tiny town with a couple of businesses (hotel, deli, store, etc.), but a good location to visit Point Reyes Seashore and the town of Point Reyes Station. Remember years ago when a group of us did the Bear Valley Trail? It is near to the visitor center and close to Olema. That was the first hike I did with you – Susan went and so did Shannon and her boyfriend at the time, Ryan. We walked four miles to a coastal lookout and the trail was actually a dirt track so great for biking too. I can’t remember if you have done other hikes in the Point Reyes area? Have you visited the lighthouse? Point Reyes is so gorgeous, one of my favorite places in California. Every time I am there I realize how stunning it is. I will be interested to hear what your group plans to do.

  3. Your page read counts are probably higher actually! I read my blogs through a blog reader (Feedly), and I don’t think it count’s those on your page views. So you’re even more popular than you thought!

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