What a difference a day makes!

What a difference!  When we headed out this morning to see the grand kids people were packing up and when we got home, WOW, the place is nearly empty.  We have no one around us for several spaces.

We drove about 35 miles to spend some time with our daughter, son in law and two grand kids.  We started off with the Hot Wheels and then some board games.  They had made a list of the over 100 cars they had.  They pretty much know every car by name.

After cars we played some board games.  Here is Beth and Luke playing Junior Scrabble.  We had a burrito bar lunch and then headed back for the trailer.  We also played a matching game and a National Parks game.

On the way back we hit  (surprise surprise) a farmer’s market, Davis Ranch in Slough House.  This area is famous for it’s corn and you can see in the background where they dump loads out of the carts.  We also got some other produce that will probably wind up as dinner tomorrow.

Tomorrow and Wednesday we have some unusual plans, nothing.  In all my exploring with Beth I don’t think we have ever had a day, much less two days with no plans.  It will be interesting!

Hope all of you had a great holiday weekend and thanks for reading.

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