Back to the beginning.

Beth and I headed off to Monterey/Pacific Grove today.  It was overcast pretty much all day, but that is what it is usually like.  It is a neat place to start off our exploring because it was here that Beth and I met over 40 years ago!  We were both 19 years old and had just set out on our life adventures.  The little church where we got married is just a couple of blocks from this picture.  We were here twice and the second time we had an apartment near this spot.  Beth used to ride her bike along this road after work.  The spot in the middle of the picture is called “Lovers Point.”

As fate would have it one of Beth’s favorite events was happening while we were here.  A farmer’s market.  It wasn’t a huge one but there was some pretty good stuff.  We got mostly fruit and a loaf of cinnamon bread for breakfast tomorrow.  Oh, and some cookies.

Tomorrow we are traveling to Chico to visit Beth’s father and stepmom.  We are looking forward to the visit but are going from 60 degree temperatures to 104 or more.  We will get to see how we do in heat.

It was a little easier getting the pictures off the camera and phone and in to a post.  I hope to get Beth posting very soon so you can hear from her.  Please let us know if you have any ideas we could use to make the blog fun to follow!

Thanks for reading!

So much for a few days rest?

Well, a few days rest sounded pretty good last night, but when we got up this morning the explorer struck.  We thought about getting some local produce and Beth found an apple farm that sounded pretty good.  It was called Gizdich Ranch in Watsonville, CA.  We drove over and got some fresh apples, a slice of Dutch Apple Pie and an apple dumpling.

I figured out how to get our new wifi hotspot going and how to load a picture up from the iPhone so here is a pic of our new home.  This is a small park right on the water in Moss Landing, CA. it is probably our favorite so far and this is our third stay so far.  We thought it a good place to start.

Tomorrow we are planning to head over to Monterey for the day.  Thanks for reading!

On the road!

We finally made it and are on the road! We were clearing and cleaning the house until the last moment and stuffing everything in to the trailer. We headed out and spent the night in Santa Nella then on today to the coast.  The 60 degrees here suits us a lot better than the 100+ of the valley.

We are both pretty tired and looking forward to a few days of rest.  Bear with us as we make the transition to exploration mode. I’m winging this post with my cell phone and can’t get pictures to load.

We are excited about this wonderful opportunity we have to travel and will do our best to share what we can!

My first bit to share is that downsizing, selling a house and getting everything ready to go on the road is a lot of work! Give yourself plenty of time and more if you are thinking about it. But…it is doable!

So thanks for reading and we hope to start posting and sharing on a somewhat regular basis. We will try and build some skill and make the posts fun as fast as we can.