Getting close!!!

The shot above is one I was not sure I’d ever see!  The house up for sale.  In fact, now, it needs the little sign that says “Pending” as we have accepted an offer and escrow is under way.

It has been a couple of months since our last post and boy have they been busy.  There are so many things that go in to a change like this.  I wouldn’t know where to start.  The last couple of months has focused on getting the house and all our stuff in it ready to go.  I’ll touch on a few things and then hopefully spend a little more time after we get on the road and things settle down some.

We started off with lots of painting on the inside of the house.  Bedrooms, bathroom, closets, entry way…all got a new coat (or 3) of paint.  Painting over that old Forest Green was a challenge!  There was also a lot of touch up on baseboards and trim.  I think it turned out pretty good though.

After (and some during) the painting came packing and cleaning.  We have gathered lots of stuff over the years and getting into sorting and packing (and discarding) took lots of time.  Our handy carpet cleaner got a good workout also.  We rented a storage space locally and what we are holding on to while traveling is headed there.

I just noticed the “Dirt” on one box.  Beth has a collection of clay figures and insisted that they had a distinctive label on the box.  I don’t think she appreciated my humor.  We have packed probably about 10-15 boxes and may have that many more to go.  Now that the house is sold it can all go over to the storage room.

A few areas in the house are starting to look pretty empty.  This bookshelf now holds only the Blue Ray player for the screen in front of the treadmill.  Beth loves to watch old TV shows while walking.  She had done all of MASH, Frasier, Seinfeld and is frantically trying to finish up the entire set of Lucy that I got for her last Christmas. Personally, I like to listen to audio books while walking.  I just finished up the entire 14 book series of “The Wheel of Time.”  Google says the audio series is about 416 hours.

Escrow is set to close August 25 so we have less than a month to go and still lots to do.  We will try and put up a thing or two as we go, but can’t say for sure.  It has been about 2 years since we started this with plans for me to go ahead and retire.  In a way it seems like a long time, and in a way it seems like just yesterday.

But…for better or worse we should be on the road in less than a month!  We will keep you posted as we can.

I am still soooo much a beginner at this blogging thing and have much to learn.  I hope you all will bear with me as I go.  I believe more than ever that “Exploring with Beth” is going to be worth whatever it takes for me to share it.

I will leave with a recent travel shot.  We took a trip up the coast to Crescent City, Patrick’s Point, Eureka and Weaverville.  It was a fun trip.  We spent the first night in Red Bluff and it was 106 degrees!  From there we went over to the coast and it was 60 degrees.  We spent some time on the coast then back to Red Bluff and 106.  We saw some really neat things and I hope Beth will have time soon to write a little bit about it.  One night we went out to the coast at Patrick’s Point to watch the sun go down.  The shot is of Beth sitting on the tailgate of the truck.

Thanks for reading!  Keep an eye out for more to come.

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