Favorite Lodging – #3, Selva Verde Lodge, Sarapiqui, Costa Rica

During my Costa Rica Road Scholar group tour in February 2016, we stayed at this lodge for two nights.  After arriving here, I quickly began to see that this would be a magical stay.  A reoccurring thought was that this was a place I could stay at for days and days without wanting to leave.  Located in a rainforest reserve in the northern part of Costa Rica, this is a place for nature lovers!  If I could return to just one lodge from all my travels, this would probably be my first choice.  There was so much to explore and enjoy!  We stayed in lovely bungalows next to the rushing Sarapiqui River and amongst the rainforest with elevated walkways connecting the bungalows.  In the picture above, I have ventured over the river on a hanging bridge, although rather timidly due to my fear of heights!

This is a true place to relax and rejuvenate.  Outside our rooms were comfy chairs and even hammocks to lay in.  The sounds of the forest are a delight.  From our rooms we could hear howler monkeys, a variety of birds, Coqui frogs, a roaring river and a tropical down pour.

I am not one though to sit, relax and listen for long.  The lodge grounds and rainforest beckoned and I wandered for hours checking out all the wildlife.  As a birder, I was especially pleased to see the wildlife feeding station set up near the dining area.  A large variety of colorful, tropical birds regularly visit here.  The bird I was most hoping to see was a Toucan and I saw two different varieties on several occasions as well in the trees around the lodge grounds.  What a thrill to see these magnificent birds!  Below is a picture of the Black-mandibled Toucan and another picture of Blue-gray tanagers with their beautiful light blue coloring.

The lodge grounds and reserve features other interesting wildlife including Howler monkeys which put up quite a racket and can be heard all over.  I made a search for them and was able to  see a number of monkeys in the trees including adults and young.  This was my first opportunity to see monkeys in the wild!  The reserve also has Cotati, who appeared near the feeding station; Iguanas high in the trees; a variety of colorful frogs (unfortunately I only saw one or two); butterflies and one of my most interesting discoveries, leaf-cutter ants.  The ants were hurrying along single file carrying pieces of leaves that were bigger than themselves!  The hummingbirds were numerous and fun to watch as well amongst the tropical flowers.  Even the spiders and their webs were more gigantic and interesting.

The lodge features nature trails and I loved walking through the forest.  Our group took a white water rafting trip on the Sarapiqui River, but I opted to stay behind and explore independently.  I am a wanderer at heart.  When I was tired of walking I swam in the very nice pool.  This is an intriguing place to visit and I would love to return if ever in Costa Rica again.

4 thoughts on “Favorite Lodging – #3, Selva Verde Lodge, Sarapiqui, Costa Rica”

  1. The food was the low point here. Each meal, breakfast, lunch and dinner were served buffet style with limited offerings and average food. But there was wildlife to see while eating in the dining area so that made up for the food!

  2. Hello, I am going on a Roads Scholar tour to Costa Rica. I wondered if you might share some pointers. I am packing and I am really not sure what to bring!


    1. Thanks for reading the blog! That is wonderful that you are going on a Road Scholar Costa Rica trip. I really enjoyed my “Taste of Costa Rica” tour! Here are three quick tips:

      1) Cool, light clothing for lots of activity. While I was there I experienced different temps ranging from the warm rainforest to the cool mountains. Layers work well – think warm temps but don’t forget to include a light jacket just in case.

      2) Comfortable shoes. The tour I took included several walks on trails and different terrain. My tennis shoes and hiking shoes saw the most duty.

      3) Don’t over pack or over think and enjoy yourself! I have taken a number of Road Scholar trips and this was definitely a great experience! Let me know how you enjoyed your tour when you return.

      Thanks again for asking.


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