Beth Retires!

It finally got here!  March 17, 2017, Beth’s last day at work.  The couple of weeks leading up was hectic and she had lots to do with her ongoing workload and getting things packed up and cleaned up, but she made it.  On her last day they had a very nice retirement party with many people to send her off.  She was anxious and worn out, but people were very kind and the day was wonderful (I had to finally pry her out of the building).  We had a nice dinner at a local Thai restaurant, then Saturday it was off to our daughter’s home for a small family gathering in celebration.

There was another wonderful cake and some tea time goodies to eat.  It was great fun!  (It was a combined Retirement/Birthday celebration, but we won’t mention that.)

Then on Sunday we headed off to the Don Edward’s Wildlife Preserve on the east side of San Francisco Bay for some bird watching.

You know there had to be a picture of Beth taking a picture!  It was somewhat overcast and there were not lots of birds but it was fun!  When we were done we went to a neat, cozy Afgan restaurant for a nice dinner.

On Monday (today) we had lunch with a very good friend and then tomorrow and Wednesday we are off to Berkeley to visit the botanical gardens and see a show at the Berkeley Freight and Salvage.  That is one of our favorite music venues.  We will probably get in some bird watching also if the weather and time permit down on the water.

Thursday looks like we are going to a musical at the Gallo Theater featuring 40’s Big Band music.  Then finally, Saturday Beth is off for her 12 day tour of the Baja Peninsula with the Road Scholar group.

A couple of people texted this morning and asked if Beth slept in on her first day.  Not hardly!  This is the kind of pace she would love to keep up.  It is going to be really interesting to see how retirement unfolds for this unexhaustable explorer (and her driver).  Come along and enjoy the ride!

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