Why a blog? #5 – For me

As the last segment in “Why a blog” I will think a few minutes about what I hope to do with it.  First and foremost I will get to help Beth.  If that were the only reason it would be enough.  Listening to her talk and watching her make her posts makes whatever time I spend worth it.  Seeing that family (so far) looks and comments makes it even better.

But…after having worked on this a while I think I will also enjoy creating content (new fancy language!)  Having explored with Beth for a few years now there are lots of stories that are fun to tell.  Looking back over the tens of thousands of pictures is fun.  I am even in a couple.  I have always liked writing.  When I was in 7th grade many years ago I was put in an English Class where we each had an Underwood Typewriter (manual) and did a lot of writing.  I seemed to get in trouble a lot for it.  I remember writing one piece on a teacher at the Jr. High and my English Teacher was so impressed she put it up on the board, after she cut my name off so it couldn’t be traced to me.

So, I’ll probably write and post here too.  I really like sayings and quotes so I might throw one up every once in a while, and maybe even do a book review or two.  I also think I will try and put up a few on the in’s and out’s of RVing.  Other people’s tips and tricks helped us out a lot.

Beth will want to be sure and add that the opinions expressed by this author DO NOT necessarily reflect those of the blog’s namesake!  I plan to do a post on how I think we are a really good example of how opposites attract.  If we comment on each other’s posts it may be fun and interesting.

So, this concludes my initial thoughts and doing a blog.  I hope it has been interesting for the couple of people that have read it.  I plan to look back from time to time to see how things are going and what might be changing.  Join us as we explore!


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