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There is nothing like walking the streets of San Francisco, my favorite city to explore!  The best way to explore San Francisco is by foot and walking the stairways and neighborhoods is always a fun adventure.  I was introduced to the book, “Stairway Walks in San Francisco” written by Adah Bakalinsky by my friend Arlene, an avid walker and hiker.  From the moment I began these walks which cover many neighborhoods and showcase the number of stairs in hilly San Francisco I was hooked!  San Francisco is more than just Fisherman’s Wharf and the Golden Gate Bridge, but you have to get out by foot and explore the winding, steep streets, hidden alley ways and paths, homes pitched on hillsides with secret gardens and admire the ever present views.  In February 2012, Shannon, Melissa and I did a stairway walk that centered around the Telegraph Hill area and what a beautiful walk it is with a great work out.

As you can see, we might have a few weary walkers as we trudged up and down numerous stairs through this interesting and iconic part of San Francisco near Coit Tower.

The Filbert Steps are the showcase stairs of Telegraph Hill and mighty steep in places.  Some of the homes along the stairs can only be accessed by way of the stairs, there are no roads or driveways to reach them!

In November 2012, Beth and friend Arlene took a great walk in the Golden Gate Heights near the Sunset District of San Francisco.  The views from tiny Grand View Park are perhaps the best in San Francisco and almost 360 degrees.  We had a perfect clear day when we visited.

The stairway leading to Grand View Park (picture below) is a delight, but the showcase stairway on this neighborhood walk is the Moraga Stairway, perhaps the most colorful set of stairs in San Francisco and decorated with mosaic tiles representing sky, water, birds, fish, flowers.  What a visual delight it was to experience this long and beautiful stairway!

In May 2012, Beth, Melissa and Shannon did another great stairways walk in the Land Ends area where we had amazing coastal views.

In 2014, during another walk I discovered this very large bougainvillea plant in bloom near a stairway.   I never tire of walking in San Francisco and each walk has added to my appreciation of this gorgeous and interesting city, full of endless opportunities for exploration!

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