Our first category! – Birding

One of the things Beth really loves to do is birding.  She/we have been at it now for several years and have gotten to enjoy it quite a bit.  It is one of the things I had planned to highlight on the blog as often as we can.  So far all the posts have just been uncategorized stuff getting started but with this one I want to try out our first category – Birding.  I am sure she/we will be adding to it often.  The picture above was taken right outside Merced birding area a few weeks ago.  Lots of birds!  I’ll let Beth be the expert and talk more about them, but even with my scant knowledge I feel pretty safe in labeling this one “Lots of birds.”

This one was taken yesterday inside the Merced preserve with our new long telephoto lens.  We got a Nikon 200-500 zoom and took this trip to try it out.  We are both pretty happy.  It is a big lens so I will probably be packing it around much of the time, but we got some pretty good pictures.  I like this one because it was a challenge to get the camera to focus in on this little guy amid all the reeds.

This one was also taken yesterday and I like it for the color in the bird.  We got a number of other pretty good ones including a couple of owls.  I’ll let Beth put more on as she wants to.

So, I’ll put this one up with a category and hopefully make the blog just a little friendlier!  Thanks for looking.

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