Harder than it looks!

I tried to do a fair amount of reading and research into blogging before I started this.  There were numerous suggestions that it was not as easy as it might look.  I am finding this true.  The mechanics are not that bad.  Actually physically setting up the blog was not that hard after some decisions as to what software and where and doing simple things like posting text and working (in the most simple way) with photos are not too bad.  What is hard is actually sitting down and getting something written that you want to post.  I worked several hours on the “Family” post yesterday.  I wrote, rewrote, edited, posted, edited and still came up with what seems to me not too good a post.  But it is there.  I hope it will get better with practice.  I am happy though that blog is up and ready for Beth to start writing as she has time.  Her work is pretty demanding right now and seems to dominate her time and energy.  Only 5 weeks to go!

Above is another picture of Beth taking a picture.  I have lots of these.  It was taken back in 2010 on the Corrizo Plain in California at wildflower time.  I read recently that with the rain they are expecting a great year for flowers coming up.  Below is a picture of Beth kayaking in Monterey Bay, California.  Beth loves kayaking there.  She got me to go once and I was really happy  the waves were so loud she couldn’t hear the things I was yelling at her as we started paddling out.  I think the waves were so bad that day they wouldn’t even allow the Coast Guard Cutter out.

So if you are looking at these, thanks and hang in there while we develop.

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