Why a blog? #2 – For the family

Beth is big on family, and the family is big on Beth.  Whether it is acting as Mema, Mom, Beth or Aunt Beth her place is huge!  With that in mind, one thing we both agree is a downside to our planned explorations is they will take us physically farther away from the family for a time.  We don’t look forward to that at all, so a second motivation I have in starting the blog is to create a place where everyone to stay just a little closer together.

For me, this picture is a great look at the heart of our family tree.  These ladies create a strong central support for everyone involved and it is great when they all get together!

I hope the blog might be a way for people to keep up with where Beth and I are at in our exploration and that they might enjoy some of our escapades.  With Beth there will always be escapades.  I also hope the family might use it as a way to share what they are up to and it can develop into a many sided conversation and communication when we can’t all be together.

As part of our downsizing and getting ready to go we are going through old pictures.  I spent several hours the other day picking out some I want to keep separate just before Beth spent several hours organizing them back into the piles?  Here’s one I hunted up again and scanned to use.

On the back is written “Me and my cousin when I was two.  I am the one with blonde hair.”



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