Why a blog? #1-For Beth

Right behind loving to travel and explore, Beth loves to take pictures and write about her explorations.  The picture above is Beth sitting at the only Woolworth’s Diner still open in Bakersfield, CA.  She had to go see it and she had to document it with a picture.  Below is a picture of a dinner I ordered at what is I believe the only Harvey House and Restaurant still in operation in the US in New Mexico. Don’t know what a Harvey House is?  I’m sure Beth will get around to it.

Traveling and exploring is a way of life with Beth.  She spends weeks planning trips, goes on trips, then spends weeks reviewing and writing about them.  Beth is a huge reviewer on the travel site Trip Advisor.  According to the last email stats I could find Beth has written 575 articles and has had 326,138 readers!  She has been reviewing with TripAdvisor since 2005.  Her most read review is for Mac’s Diner in Rochester, MN with 4,330 views.  She has also posted 1,572 pictures. That’s a lot of exploring and writing! We have tons of pictures of places and meals she has taken for her reviews, and the pile keeps growing and growing.  She talks now about how far behind she is in reviewing.

So…when I think about making the transition in life to retirement I cannot think of anything better for Beth than to continue to pursue her love of travel and then writing about it to share with others.  I think blogging and Beth are a perfect match!

I was very happy this morning when Beth told me she had woken up in the night and ideas were coming to her about things she would Blog about!  We’ll see how it goes.

But back to our topic, Why a blog?  I am making this (#1)   so Beth will have a place to practice her art.  Come along with us, it should be fun.  I often say I don’t really like to travel, but I love going places with Beth. She always makes it worth the trip.

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