Why a blog?

Why a blog?  Not something you might expect from me.  As the starter and, at least for the moment, still administrator of the blog I thought I would talk a little about why I decided to try this.  It might be interesting for others who happen to find their way here, and more importantly will be a reminder for me as time goes on.  All to often lately I find myself in the moment where I have gotten up and gone on the move only to realize I have forgotten what for? As time goes on and our lives change I can come back here and see where this started. Right now there are about five areas or reasons in my mind for starting and trying to build a blog about EXPloring WITH Beth.  I’ll list them here, then  talk more about each in a further post.  I hope to develop the blog 1) for Beth 2) for the family 3) for others 4) for kindness and 5) for me.  Also, as I am really new at this and have so very much to learn and get used to I will use these as exercises to develop what skill I may find.  I will probably at some point soon talk about why it is me and not Beth doing this.

The picture (or two).  A blog is really so much better with pictures.  I went in to Beth’s Photoshop catalog to look for a good one to add.  I went back and started with the oldest by dates and this one soon came up.  It is photo 121 of 72,089 items in her catalog.  The date was April 24, 2004.  What I love about the picture is that it kind of captures what makes travel ok for me.  It is not travel, but travel with Beth that is fun!  Traveling with her and seeing her enjoy it to the fullest is worth the trip.

I’ll leave with another picture I took very recently on a trip to Moss Landing.  I have this one printed out and next to my computer.

Some things never change.  Thankfully.


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